The Comeback is Stronger than the Setback

Every single one of us will have experienced a setback in the past year. Times have been very tough, full of anxiety and ambiguities. Our world was turned upside down, inside out and out of balance. Now things are changing once again. Restrictions are being lifted and we are are emerging stronger to make a powerful come back!

When you think of the benefits of yoga, the chances are, you probably think of increasing body flexibility; Building strength isn’t likely to be the first word that springs to mind. But yoga can definitely make you physically strong. It depends of course on the type of yoga you practice – yin, restorative, and nidra do not generally build muscle (nor should they), however a more dynamic practice helps build strength and steadiness in the body – and mind.

Dynamic yoga classes help build strength, flexibility and balance. Feel Good Friday Yoga Flow will be resuming in-person very soon. All being well, the first class will be on 25th June (once all restrictions are lifted). Join me on the mat for yoga in Rugby on Friday mornings 9.15am-10.15am. Register now and then once bookings are open, you will be able to reserve your place!