Monthly Deep Stretch Yin

Enjoy life in the slow lane and unlock your body’s full range of motion with a Deep Stretch Yin yoga class in Rugby. To enrich your deep stretching experience, carefully selected Neal’s Yard organic essential oils will be diffused during the practice.

Yin yoga focuses on increasing flexibility and mobility through gentle, sustained stretching of the body’s deep connective tissues. We’ll move through a series of floor-based postures designed to release tension and open up tight areas of the body.

Whether you’re looking to improve sports performance, or simply seeking greater ease and flexibility in your daily life or regular yoga practice, Deep Stretch Yin can help. By working with your body’s natural range of motion and holding poses for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes), I’ll help you to gradually enhance your flexibility, promote better circulation, and reduce stress.

Deep Stretch Yin is the perfect complement to a regular vinyasa practice, helping to balance and restore the body after more dynamic movement. By incorporating longer-held stretches into your yoga routine, you’ll gradually increase your range of motion, improve circulation, and release stress.

Deep Stretch Yin classes take place at the Barn in Houlton, Rugby. Sessions take place around once a month. Classes are £10 for 60 minutes, bookable on an individual basis.

“I’ve practised yin yoga with Gemma and find the challenge of remaining in a pose for a long time is managed brilliantly by Gemma. She explains the theory behind yin and how we should feel in each pose, but also leaves us in peace long enough to allow us time to fully immerse ourselves in each posture. Gemma’s normal calm teaching style really suits yin yoga and I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to experience it for the first time, or as an experiened yogi.”

Lucy H.

 “I was a little unsure as to whether I’d appreciate yin yoga as I knew that the pace would be very different from the other yoga classes that I attend and at the opposite end of the spectrum to the fast-paced high intensity activities that I participate in. Minutes into the practice I realised yin was exactly what my body needed. Gemma gently guides us to help us relax and focus the mind on what’s happening to the body. Yin is like having a massage – I could feel the tension in my muscles melting away. I didn’t want the practice to end! I’m hooked on yin and Gemma’s practice at The Barn in Houlton is a great way to experience yin and a yoga style accessible to all.”

Kate M

Absolutely no prior yoga experience is necessary – modifications and adjustments will be offered to make the practice accessible to all levels. You will need to complete a British Wheel of Yoga registration health form before attending any classes.

Book your space now and discover the power of deep stretching for yourself!

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