Weekly Vinyasa Yoga

Weekly sessions take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and are designed to help you develop strength and comfort in your body while staying connected to your breath.

Infusing both ancient yogic wisdom and modern day vibes, classes offer a unique blend to help you cultivate inner peace, balance, and strength amidst the demands of today’s fast-paced world.

Immerse yourself in a flowing sequence of postures that are carefully crafted to enhance your yoga practice. With an uplifting spirit and a touch of inspiration, each posture seamlessly blends into the next to create a harmonious vinyasa flow that invites you to connect more deeply with your body and breath.

At my classes, you’ll find a welcoming, laid-back environment, free from ego or intimidation. Come and join me for some feel-good vibes and a few wobbles!

Got question? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Flow + Chill (beginners/moderate level)

Suitable for beginners and those seeking to unwind and decompress. Join the breath with movement in a mellow and mindful way. This class is a way of slowing down, showing your body kindness and finding balance in your life.

Expect more cues on alignment, slower movements and deep stretches to melt away layers of tension from the day or from physical exertion. A perfect wind down from a busy life to prepare for a peaceful night.

When? Tuesdays 7.15pm-8.15pm, Houlton School.

Dynamic Flow (intermediate level)

These intermediate level, heat-building classes include meditation, breathwork, yoga postures and relaxation. You’ll be encouraged to explore your limits and challenge your practice as you build strength, flexibility and balance.

Each 6-week block centers around a theme where elements of yogic wisdom are often weaved into the class. The sequence for each block varies, ranging from a slower flow with an emphasis on strength or flexibility to an uplifting flow with one breath per movement. No matter the pace, you’ll close each class feeling relaxed, empowered and inspired.

When? Tuesdays 6pm-7pm, Houlton School and
Fridays 9.15am-10.15am, St Peter & St John’s Church.

Virtual Class Collection

Upgrade your practice with exclusive access to my ‘Members Only’ section of the website. For an optional £10 bolt-on, block bookers can enjoy six weeks of unlimited access to a variety of virtual classes anytime, anywhere!

Explore a range of classes including shoulder and core flow, yoga for new beginnings, yoga to detox, yoga to unwind, chill out flow, yoga for hamstrings…to name just a few!

Whether you’re an experienced yogi with years of dedicated practice behind you or perhaps you’ve never even stepped foot on a mat before, you’re welcome here. You will need to complete a British Wheel of Yoga registration health form before attending any classes.

Weekly classes run term-time only and are £8 for 60 minutes, bookable as a block of 6 consecutive weeks (occasionally 5 to align with school terms). Please note there are no refunds or rollovers for classes not attended within a block. See terms and conditions.

Don’t wait any longer to prioritise your well-being – reserve your space now and embark on the path towards greater wellness and a healthier, happier you!