Embrace the Joy of (Imperfect) Balance in Yoga! ‍

Ever find yourself giggling amidst the wobbles in a balancing pose? I certainly do! (I’m actually giggling while this photo was taken as I had set the camera on a timer and then had to run to my mat to “jump” into the pose). But have the wobbles ever left you feeling disheartened during your practice? It turns out, those wobbles are more than just a stumble—they’re a vital part of your journey towards mastering balance.

Wobbling is actually a feedback loop between our foundation and brain via the nervous system to strengthen proprioception – how we know where we are in space. 

So you might see photos of yogis seemingly frozen in graceful balance poses. But guess what? Their journey wasn’t always picture-perfect. Our bodies are intricate networks of muscles, bones, and magic constantly making micro-adjustments to keep us upright. So, it’s physiologically impossible to be perfectly still in a balancing pose!

Think of each wobble as a mini-lesson in body awareness. By practising balance poses, we become more attuned to these subtle shifts, learning how the tiniest adjustment can keep us steady. This awareness spills over into life, teaching us to navigate uncertainty with grace and ease.

But how do we navigate those inevitable wobbles? Here are some tips:

  • Breathe easy: Let your breath be your anchor in the present moment. Inhale stability, exhale wobbles.
  • Find your focus: Choose a fixed point (your drishti) to minimize distractions and enhance your concentration.
  • Root down: Feel the solid earth beneath you, pressing your feet or hands firmly into the mat without gripping too tightly.
  • Practise makes progress: Remember, like most things in life, mastering balance takes time and dedication. Every wobble is a chance to learn and grow!

I love sprinkling balancing poses in my classes and always have a section of the class purely for balance. Wobbles are very welcome! Remember, it’s not about achieving perfect stillness, but about finding joy in the journey. Every wobble is a step closer to greater balance, both on the mat and off.

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