Start Your Wellness Journey: Book Your Yoga Class in Rugby!

Are you ready to step into a world of tranquility and immerse yourself in a flowing sequence of yoga postures, designed to help you build strength, flexibility and balance?

Reserve your spot now for my upcoming series of yoga sessions, starting later this month!

Flow + Chill: 📍 Houlton: Tues 7.15pm-8.15pm
Ideal for beginners and those seeking to unwind, Flow + Chill is the perfect way to melt away the day’s tension. Immerse yourself in gentle movements and deep stretches that prepare you for a peaceful night ahead. A perfect wind down from a busy life.

Dynamic Flow: 📍 Houlton: Tues 6pm-7pm 📍 Eastlands: Fri 9.15am-10.15am
These intermediate level, heat-building classes include meditation, breathwork, yoga postures and relaxation. You’ll be encouraged to explore your limits and challenge your practice as you build strength, flexibility and balance. Leave each session feeling not only relaxed but also empowered and inspired!

Gemma is a fantastic yoga teacher, she puts so much creativity and thought into her yoga practice, her classes challenge me on a weekly basis, which is why I enjoy them much. I love how she brings knowledge and wisdom mixed in with a modern and energetic twist which makes it so enjoyable and fun. She even includes poetry and calm and comforting words throughout her classes. The safe space she creates for us to all feel so comfortable is quite truly amazing.”
“My favourite yoga teacher! I’ve been attending Gemma’s classes for nearly a year. It really helps me to relax and switch off. As well as the poses, Gemma explains the meaning behind what you’re doing and helps you to understand the mind/body connection. She is such a lovely, caring soul, and her classes are incredibly welcoming, I recommend for all levels.”
“Gemma is a fantastic teacher! The classes are brilliant, all focused on working towards a different concept/lesson/teaching of yoga. You can definitely enjoy and progress in Gemma’s classes whatever your level or previous experience. Gemma is so knowledgeable as a teacher and if you wish, she can adjust your body during the class to help progress. It’s a great workout, for body mind and soul. Well needed every week. It’s perfect for self care. Highly recommend!”

Wondering about what to bring to a yoga class or what to expect? Head over to my Frequently Asked Questions page!

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