10 Things To Know Before Your First Yoga Class

The idea of going to a yoga class for the first time can be daunting. If you’ve always wanted to join a yoga class but are too nervous to try, read these tips to help set your mind at rest.

  1. Try not to eat at least an hour before class. Your body will want to focus on other things apart from digesting, plus it’s uncomfortable lying on your belly with a tummy full of food. If you’re hungry, have a light snack beforehand and plan a good meal after!
  2. Arrive a few minutes early so you can settle in calmly and not disturb others. If it’s your first time coming, arrive 5-10 minutes early.
  3. Wear comfy stretchy clothes that are not too loose! Layers are a good idea. Yoga is practised with bare feet. At the start of the class you might want to keep your socks on if it’s cold but you will need to take them off when we start. You can buy special grip yoga socks if you don’t like going barefoot.
  4. Bring a mat (at least 4mm is good place to start), 2 bricks and a water bottle. Feel free to bring along your own eye pillow, blanket and a belt or strap.
  5. Avoid strong scents/perfumes as they travel easily in the room.
  6. Please let me know any new injuries or medical conditions before the day of class.
  7. For many people, their mat is a safe and clean space. Please respect this by not stepping on other people’s mats.
  8. Place your bag and footwear at the back or side of the room. Instead of keeping your mobile by your mat, if possible keep it in your bag. Place your drinks bottle and any props to the side of the room.
  9. It’s totally normal to rest at any point in the practice If you need to rest, feel free to take child’s pose (I will demonstrate this to you) or savasana (lying down on your back). Yoga is non competitive so please don’t worry what anyone may think!
  10. Savasana or corpse posture is at the end of the class when you lie on your back. Savasana is a very important yet challenging pose. With time, you will soon settle into it and love resting like this!

And don’t forget, you can always speak to me after class or message me with any questions!

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