Continuing our Exploration of the Breath

In week 4 of our ‘Breathe and Bend‘ series, we explored alternate nostril breathing. In Sanskrit, it’s known as nadi shodhana pranayama. This translates as “subtle energy clearing breathing technique.”

Whether you’re nervous about a project or presentation, anxious about a conversation, or just generally stressed out, nadi shodhana is a quick and calming way to bring you back to your centre. You don’t need to wait until a yoga class to practise this technique.

Nadi shodhana has lots of benefits including, helping you to:

  • Relax your body and mind
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower the heart rate and release tension
  • Promote overall well-being

These benefits, in turn, may help you to be more focused and aware.

When you practise this technique, focus on keeping your breath slow, smooth, and continuous. 

So here’s the technique:

Sit comfortably.
Bring the right hand into Vishnu Mudra (thumb to the right nostril, ring and little fingers to left, index and middle finger folded and resting at the base of the thumb or in between the eyebrows).
Exhale completely.
Block the right nostril and inhale through left nostril.
Release right nostril and exhale
Block left nostril and inhale right
Release left nostril and exhale
This completes 1 full cycle
Repeat 10-12 cycles.

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