Think Yoga is Just About Flexibility?

Many yoga newcomers dream of achieving incredible flexibility, and that’s a wonderful aspiration. However, building strength is equally crucial for a safe and sustainable yoga practice.

Think about it: our modern lives, often characterised by long periods of sitting, often leave us with tight and weak hamstrings. We might believe we’re active because we exercise daily, but what about the remaining 23 hours?

Simply stretching tight, weak muscles can feel like the answer, but it can actually increase the risk of injury. Without the necessary strength to support our newfound flexibility, our connective tissues might struggle with the demands placed upon them.

Therefore, before diving into deep stretches, let’s address the root cause. By strengthening our muscles, we build a robust foundation that supports and enhances our flexibility.

Finding the balance between strength and flexibility is the cornerstone of a safe and effective yoga practice. All yoga classes are currently full. Join my priority list for updates on yoga classes and events in Rugby, Warwickshire.