Top 3 Myths about Yoga

There are so many myths floating around about yoga. Here are my top 3.

You have to be flexible

You don’t have to be already flexible to come to a yoga class. Yoga is for everybody, you can start at any age and you can keep going no matter what your flexibility level is.

You have to know the poses

You don’t have to know any of the poses. You definitely don’t have to know the difference between a downward facing dog and an upward facing dog! Classes are mixed levels from complete beginners to those with 25+ years experience.

Yoga is about bending as much as you can (like a pretzel!)

Doing more advanced poses doesn’t mean you are better at yoga. There is no hierarchy in yoga. Your ability to do a pose doesn’t make you more or less of a yoga practitioner. Competition is never part of a yoga class.

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