6 eye-opening insights for new yoga students

Embarking on a yoga adventure is pretty exciting! There’s something captivating about finding inner peace, getting more flexible, and connecting your mind and body.

But let me tell you, there are a few things no one told me before I stepped into that yoga class. In this post, I’m going to share the hidden gems that will help you navigate your yoga journey with confidence and a smile.

  1. Yoga is for Everybody: Yoga doesn’t care about your age, body shape, or how fit you are. Seriously, everyone is welcome! You don’t need to be a human pretzel or a fitness fanatic to start yoga. It’s all about your personal progress, at your own pace.
  2. Don’t Sweat the Modifications: Okay, so maybe you can’t nail every pose right away. That’s totally cool! Yoga teachers are there to guide you and offer modifications for every level. Don’t be shy to modify the poses to suit your needs. It’s your practice, and no one expects you to be a yoga superstar from day one.
  3. Breathe, Breathe and Breathe: Here’s a little secret: breath is the key ingredient in yoga. Focusing on your breath makes your practice come alive. It helps calm your mind, stay present, and flow through poses like a graceful yoga ninja. Inhale the good vibes, exhale the stress!
  4. Prepare for Unexpected Feels: Yoga has a sneaky way of unlocking emotions you didn’t even know were there. It’s totally normal to feel a rush of emotions during or after a yoga class. Tears, laughter, or a sudden burst of happiness—it’s all part of the process. Embrace it and know that you’re releasing tension and making space for positive energy.
  5. Savasana is the ultimate pose: Now, let’s talk about the big chill pose—savasana. Don’t underestimate the power of lying down and relaxing. It might seem easy, but trust me, it can be a challenge to quieten your mind. Savasana is your time to soak in all the benefits of your practice, rejuvenate your body, and find deep, blissful relaxation. It’s like a little holiday in the middle of your day.
  6. The other yoga students will support you too: Yoga classes aren’t just about you and your mat. They’re also about the amazing people you’ll meet. The yoga community is super supportive and welcoming. Strike up conversations, ask for help, and learn from others who have been on the mat longer.

Starting your yoga journey is an adventure filled with surprises and self-discovery. While there’s plenty no one tells you before your first class, these insights will help you navigate your yoga journey with confidence and a smile. Remember, yoga isn’t just about the poses—it’s about nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the journey, keep an open mind, and let yoga work its magic in your life.

‘Flow + Chill’ yoga class takes place on Tuesdays 7.15pm-8.15pm at Houlton School in Rugby. Designed for beginners and those seeking to unwind and decompress. Find out more.