Can you Find Freedom from Water?

Today in Yoga live-streamed from Rugby, we completed our water element series.

The water element can help us find our sense of freedom and liberation in how we move our bodies and move in our lives.

Fluidity is one of, if not the most important lessons the element of water offers us.

Water is flow, movement and change.
Water is nourishment.
Water is cleansing.
Water is deep letting go.
Water is playfulness.
Water that brings abundance and life.
Water simply flows… effortlessly and beautifully.

As we have seen, the water element invites us to respond to life with flow. So often in life, we try to control our experiences, but water teaches us the value in truly ‘going with the flow’.

Follow your heart and passions. Know that whatever comes your way, you can ride it like a wave with resilience.

The fluidity in your breath and body can lead to a beautiful outlook on life.