Exploring ‘Flow + Chill’ and ‘Dynamic Flow’ Yoga Sessions

Curious about what my yoga classes in Rugby are like? I offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern teachings, with thoughtful quotes and Sanskrit language woven throughout our sessions.

Understanding ‘Flow + Chill’ and ‘Dynamic Flow’

‘Flow + Chill’ provides a serene space, perfect for beginners and those seeking relaxation and stress relief. We focus on alignment, slower movements, and deep stretches aimed at releasing accumulated tensions from your day or physical activities.
When and Where? Houlton School, Tuesdays, 7.15pm-8.15pm

‘Dynamic Flow’ is an invigorating challenge for those with some yoga experience. It encourages exploration, building strength, flexibility, and balance. This class introduces a wider range of poses, encouraging you to move beyond your comfort zone and embrace more complex transitions.
When and Where? Houlton School, Tuesdays 6pm-7pm and Eastlands, Fridays 9.15am-10.15am

What Postures Can You Expect in Class?

‘Flow + Chill’ establishes the foundational journey, focusing on essential poses like Downward Dog for strength and flexibility. Warrior poses I, II, and III enhance strength, balance, and flexibility, while poses like ‘Tree’ and ‘Single Leg Mountain’ promote stability and balance. The class integrates gentle backbends, twists, and folds, aiming to ease spinal tension and promote a relaxed state.

‘Dynamic Flow’ introduces a broader spectrum of poses, including balancing postures, backbends, deep twists, and more challenging movements like arm balances and binds. This class emphasises more complex transitions between poses, adding an invigorating element to your practice. And remember, ‘dynamic’ doesn’t mean faster; it’s about embracing the challenge within poses and transitions.

Join me in a Welcoming Atmosphere!

At my classes, you’ll find a welcoming, laid-back environment, free from ego or intimidation. Come and join me for some feel-good vibes and a few wobbles!

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