Why This Resting Pose Might Be Your Yoga Game Changer

Okay so I have a confession… 

In my early years of practising yoga, I attended yoga classes at a fitness club. You know, the type of club that has a full timetable of exercise classes, a swimming pool and an array of body-building equipment.

I regularly attended yoga classes and enjoyed the physical practice. However, moments before savasana (relaxation), I would start rolling up my mat and heading out of the class. I didn’t consider lying down on my back part of my “workout.” Back then, yoga was very much a physical practice so if I didn’t feel like lying down, I would just walk out. Now, savasana is one of the highlights of my practice. The focus and peace I cultivate on the mat spill over into my daily life, helping me navigate stressful situations.

Sure, savasana might seem like the easiest pose, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s a chance to:

  • Integrate the benefits of your practice. The physical postures (asanas) build strength and flexibility. Savasana allows your body to fully absorb those benefits.
  • Quiet your mind. In our fast-paced world, savasana offers a precious opportunity to simply be present. Let go of thoughts and worries, and simply exist in the moment.
  • Boost your well-being. Studies show that regular savasana practice can reduce stress, improve sleep, and even enhance your immune system. As we surrender to the earth below, we feel ourselves getting grounded, rooted, connected and stable. When we give ourselves permission to let go, we start to feel lighter and freer.

The more deeply we integrate that into our experience, the more likely we are to take that off the mat and into our lives. So the next time you are in savasana, I invite you to remind yourself that this may be the most valuable asana of your whole practice.  

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