Exploring ‘satya’ on the yoga mat

Truthfulness or satya is the second of the five yamas described in the Yoga Sutras and guides us to think, speak, and act with integrity. We’ve been exploring this concept in our yoga classes in Houlton, Rugby.

In it’s broadest sense, satya asks us to be open and honest, allowing our interaction with the world to be authentic.

Finding your truth is about listening better to what you’re already saying to yourself, your innate wisdom. Yoga and meditation give us the space to hear and to listen, to what is already there.

In our yoga classes in Clifton and Houlton, students have been finding their own variation of splits (hanumanasana). This practice towards an intentionally challenging posture requires students to be completely honest with themselves, taking whatever variation of the posture that is appropriate for them.

Satya invites us to be honest about about limitations, obstacles and strengths. So when students opt to use props, choose to back off or even skip a pose entirely, then these students are practising satya. Instead of ignoring signals and putting their bodies and minds in harm’s way, they are honouring the truth of the moment. 

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