Here is the sign you’ve been looking for

One of the most frequent questions that I’m asked is from people interested in yoga is “Where do I start?”

This is your sign.

Right now. You can begin now by taking your first step towards practising yoga.

If you’re a complete beginner, then Flow + Chill could be a good class option. In Flow + Chill, you can expect slower movements and deep stretches to melt away layers of tension from the day or from physical exertion.

If you’ve got some previous experience of yoga or other movement based practice, and are looking for a more “heat-building” practice, then Dynamic Flow Classes may be more suited to you. In Dynamic Flow at Houlton and Eastlands in Rugby, you’ll be encouraged to explore your limits and challenge your practice as you build strength, flexibility and balance.

Start your yoga journey by signing up to my waiting list for yoga classes in Rugby starting in January 2023.