Lotus Flower Mudra

In Feel Good Friday Yoga in Rugby, we explored the Lotus Flower “Padma” Mudra. A mudra is a symbolic gesture performed by the hands. It is the Sanskrit word for “energetic seal.” So it is an energetic seal that affects the flow of energy in the body. 

Practising specific mudras is an outward representation of your own inward intentions. In yoga, they are generally performed in cross-legged, lotus or hero position.

The lotus flower mudra is where you bring you little fingers together and thumbs connected and the fingers open up into what represents the lotus.

If you think of a lotus flower, they grow out of deep dark murky waters. When it rises to the top, it opens and blooms to a beautiful flower, making it a symbol of light and beauty that emerges from adversity.

So we can be in the murky depths of challenges in our lives, we can sometimes loose hope. We think that’s where we are going to stay. But there will be a time when we can bloom and open and have that light.

When we practice this mudra, we cultivate this belief that as long as we stay rooted, we can move toward the light and emerge as the best version of ourselves.