Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes

In our yoga class in Rugby, we explored the concept of “change.” What Yoga has understood about being human is that every experience leaves some kind of residue in our system; Something remains in us from every experience that we’ve had over the course of our lifetime. This accumulates and develops into patterns.

The patterns start to drive us, and often we feel powerless to do anything different. The pattern takes over and then we repeat some version of the same experience, again and again, throughout our lives. This may be why some people stay in a job that they hate or in a toxic relationship.

So to get out of this repetitive cycle, we have to create new patterns. How do we do that? The short answer is, by having new experiences. If you want to be a different person, you have to do things differently. To truly make change happen, you have to start having different experiences: even if this means, going a slightly different way to go to work, changing your hairstyle, or wearing different coloured clothing.