Do you know the meaning behind Sacral Chakra Symbol?

Today in our live-streamed yoga from Rugby, we looked at the Sacral Chakra symbol. It is an orange lotus with six petals. The six petals represent undesirable emotional qualities that at some point, we might need to overcome and are associated with this sacral chakra: anger, jealousy, cruelty, hatred, pride and too much desire.

There are also a number of circles but you will see the first two circles, also form a crescent moon shape. It takes 27.3 days for the moon to orbit the earth which is the same number of days as the female menstrual cycle. So this sacral chakra is also associated feminine energy.

These cycles refer to constant movement, never-ending change. It reminds is that life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times. If you are going through hard times, have faith that good times are on their way.

In class, we added more circular movements into our flow and found softness and roundness.