Why I Don’t Teach Yoga Full Time

Many of you know that outside of teaching yoga, I work for a children’s educational charity developing partnerships with organisations to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. It’s hugely rewarding. Balanced with that, I teach yoga in and around the Rugby area. Guiding students on their yoga journeys is a wonderful feeling. And inevitably, I get asked whether I want to become a full-time yoga teacher.

Life’s a juggling act, with passions pulling us in different directions. Yoga’s pull is strong – the connection, the energy – it’s tempting to dive in headfirst.

Teaching yoga is an exchange of energy. Being fully present with each student, sharing the wisdom from my own yoga journey (countless hours on the mat, endless books, shared experiences) – that’s where the true depth lies.

But here’s the thing, by staying part-time as a yoga teacher, I can nurture my own yoga practice, enriching my classes with deeper insights and understanding. Seasoned yoga teachers know, burnout is a real threat. The constant giving, emotional investment can take a toll.

So, yoga – amazing to practise and teach! Witnessing students grow and evolve is undeniably rewarding. Yet, achieving balance between my own self-care, my own self-practice and guiding others is paramount. I tend to think that a balanced teacher not only fosters growth in their students but also nurtures their own evolution.

There are loads of amazing full-time yoga teachers out there, it’s just now the path for me. Never say never, right? Who knows, maybe the future holds a full-time shift. But for now, I’m embracing this flow, grateful for the experiences that shape my path.