Yoga in Rugby, exploring the Beginner’s Mind

Today in Feel Good Friday Yoga in Rugby, we looked at the Beginner’s Mind. Whether you are brand-new and stepping onto your mat for the first time, or years into your yoga practice, we practise yoga with a “beginner’s mind.”

What this teaches us is that the mind of a beginner is one that is open and ready to learn. It is not bogged down with what it thinks it already knows. The beginners mind is used in yoga to help us experience the present moment rather than focus on the outcome of our practice.

When you reflect on new beginnings, traditionally, we would perhaps associate it with milestones like: the beginning of the year, day, a new season, a birth, changing school, changing a relationship, moving house, however you can cultivate an attitude of new beginnings in your life in any moment.

A practice of un-doing years of conditioning, takes time but if we can slowly open ourselves up to learning and receiving, we give ourselves the ability to expand and grow.