How to set an Intention in a Yoga Class

Today in Feel Good Friday Yoga, we explored intention-setting. An intention or “sankalpa” is bringing your awareness to a quality that you wish to develop.

Think of intention as a guiding principle for how you want to show up in the world. What you think, you become. Thoughts become things. Intention creates our reality.

So taking some time at the start of the day, or the start of the year, to align with our intentions can really help us in remembering what’s important to us and letting that inform how we show up for ourselves, for life and for each other. When we don’t take time to consider our intentions, it can be easy for us to be pulled into reacting from an impulsive place.

A sankalpa begins with “I” and it follows with whatever you would like to become. This statement is always positive and present. I am worthy, focussed, patient, strong, healed, calm, are all intentions and can bring valuable focus to the day.

You can use as this tool to repattern and reprogramme your mind. It is a technique that can be adopted at any time. Not just at the beginning of the year, or beginning of a yoga class. It could be before an important conversation, before you go away for a weekend.

By setting an intention, we actively choose to empower ourselves to make a change. It is a powerful energetic tool that we take off the mat and into the world.