Yoga for New Beginnings

A new year ahead brings an invitation for new beginnings and a time for fresh thinking. It takes strength and trust to begin again.

In our new Feel Good Friday Yoga Flow starting next week, you will be invited to be brave, to let old stories melt away and find transformation in your body and mind. We will be working into poses that strengthen and create flexibility in your back body, in the front of the hips, legs and abdomen and open your chest and shoulders. When you have this expansiveness and openness, you’re ready to take on the year ahead.

You may be thinking that everyone who comes along to Feel Good Friday Yoga Flow is super flexible and if you come along, you will look like an inflexible misfit. Truth is, that’s not true. In these yoga classes, there are a whole range of different people – from beginner yogis right up to those who have been practising for over 25 years. You can’t be ‘bad’ at yoga – that’s why it’s called ‘yoga practice’ because we are all just practicing!

Feel Good Friday Yoga runs on Zoom from 9.20am-10.20am. For an investment in yourself of £30, you will get access to all live weekly yoga classes from 8 January to 12 February and exclusive entry to the Members’ Area section this website  providing access to a range of videos including Yoga to Detox, Yoga for Healthy Hamstrings, Yoga for Stiff & Slouchy Shoulders, Stretchy Full Body Flow…Plus FREE downloadable New Beginnings Journal to start your new year on the right track.

Ready to start? Simply fill in your registration form and email it back to me.