Taking Flight with Baby Grasshopper Pose

Do you remember the last time you tried to do something new? Like a foreign language, an new instrument, or a new sport? Do you remember the amount of concentration and effort it required in the beginning?

When I introduce an unfamiliar pose or when a new student comes to class, an extraordinary amount of effort is made to get the feet, legs, hips, shoulders, and arms working together. Muscles shake. The breath becomes short. The jaw clenches.

Eventually, as the pose becomes more familiar, we start to find a little more ease. While it still requires effort to stand on one leg or to balance on our forearms, we realise the pose can’t be done by forcing it. We start to soften and are able to go deeper into the pose.

I’ve listened to what students would like to cover in April and we will have fun exploring marichyasana C with plenty of options including taking flight with baby grasshopper pose. 🦗

This flow will stretch the muscles around the shoulder, arms, chest, upper back, abdomen, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, psoas, IT band and lower back to create openness in the hips.

This posture can be alot more accessible than it looks. Surpise yourself and find wellness on and off the mat with a Feel Good Friday Yoga Flow.